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Sugarcane Clamshell

Sugarcane Clamshell

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Suitable for both hot and cold foods. Microwave, oven (up to 220 °C for 20 MINS) and freezer safe. Made from renewable sugarcane fibrous residue using a low energy production process. Sugarcane fibre is compostable and will break down naturally. Waterproof and greaseproof.

A perfect option for serving a variety of foods takeaway, such as burger, steak and hot chips, noodle, rice, salads, and pasta.
alternative to plastic bin liners.

Available in 5 Sizes.

Size Units
8 inches
200 per carton
9 inches 200 per carton
9x6x3 inches 200 per carton
9x6x3 inches (2 Compartments) 250 per carton
9 inches (3 Compartments) 200 per carton


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