Welcome to Abicor Southern

Your go-to hospitality and commercial company in South Gippsland and Bass Coast

Abicor Southern is your trusted supplier of all things hospitality and commercial packaging. We're the go-to guys for takeaway food outlets, cozy coffee shops, and pretty much anyone who needs great packaging. Combining cost-effectiveness and convenience has allowed us to grow into the much-loved hospitality and commercial supply company South Gippslanders rely on. 

Humble beginnings

We started right here in South Gippsland with a desire to combine our local know-how with our packaging expertise, plus a passion for the planet sprinkled throughout. Our mission? To help your business do business and ensure you always have commercial and hospitality supplies on hand.

Effortless service

Imagine this: free weekly deliveries right to your doorstep. That's business as usual for us. And if you're ever in the neighbourhood, pop into our 200sqm retail space. It's not just a shop; it's a packaging haven, open five days a week whenever you get the urge to upgrade.

Local Roots and New Beginnings

Meet Rod, the driving force behind Abicor Southern. With 20 years of experience in the family business, 'South Gippsland Catering Supplies,' and a decade in England managing a hotel chain with over 60 pubs, Rod returned to his roots to establish Abicor Southern. A decade later, Rod is more than just a business owner; he's your neighbor, the guy who knows everyone in the community. He’s dined in your restaurants and relaxed in your hotels – he’s not just in business; he’s part of the South Gippsland scene.
In an exciting development, Rod has passed the torch over to Brett, a valued team member and local family man. Brett is passionate about delivering customer solutions effectively and efficiently, bringing innovation, heart, and energy to Abicor Southern. Rod will continue to play a vital role in the business as a critical team member, supporting Brett and ensuring the company’s ongoing success. Together, they are committed to maintaining the high standards and community spirit that define Abicor Southern.

Beyond the box

Sure, we're all about packaging, but we're also about connections. Our commitment goes beyond transactions to sponsorships that support local communities. Because we believe in making a positive impact, one package at a time.

Make the switch to a local supplier

Your success is our success. As locals ourselves, we get what makes your business tick. Choose a local hospitality & commercial supply company for your packaging essentials.