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Sandwich Wedges

Sandwich Wedges

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BioBoard Sandwich Wedges are sustainably sourced and made from FSC certified paper board. The window is made with Ingeo – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. This sandwich wedge is printed kraft-look with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly water or soy-based inks.

Size Units
3 Point Kraft - 123 x 72 x 123mm  500 per carton


Castaway® Bettaseal® Sandwich Wedges are an excellent choice for ready-made sandwiches plus any number of food applications. Designed with a double split hinge to prevent the wedge from opening it is easy to fill and close. The flat front surface also provides excellent clarity and easy labelling.

Size Units
3 Point Clear XL - 200 x 85 x 75mm
500 per carton
4 Quarter Clear - 150 × 144 × 78mm 250 per carton

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