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Kraft Board Trays

Kraft Board Trays

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    Kraft cardboard takeaway trays for both hot and cold foods. Versatile and perfect for a variety of foods, such as snacks, chips, taco and fried finger food.

    • Brown outside white inside
    • Made from natural cardboard, 100% recyclable
    • Not suitable for use in a microwave or oven
    • Not recommended for long-term refrigeration
    • Available in 7 different sizes
    Mini (55x55x25) 200 per carton
    Extra Small (90x55x35) 150 per carton
    Small (110x75x40) 150 pcs carton
    Medium (140x85x55) 250 pcs carton
    Large (170x95x35) 200 pcs carton
    Extra Large (185x70x50) 100 pcs carton
    Hot Dog (190x70x50) 125 pcs carton


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